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Stroll & Roll 2018 FlyerStroll & Roll is a Family-friendly walking event organized by the FreeWalkers and Union County Parks and Recreation Department. Our objective is to get everyone walking and enjoying the beautiful trail resources that are available to us.

We welcome everyone in the family of any age and encourage the use of strollers, carriages, bicycles and wheelchairs. In other words, everyone should come and join us if they can move on their own or someone else can help them. It's good for you and for everyone you love.

This particular event begins in Echo Lake Park (at the gazebo) and follows the park trail to nearby Lenape Park, eventually connecting to the East Coast Greenway in Kenilworth. The trail we will follow is 2 miles long and encourages an "out-and-back" routine so that at a maximum you and your family and friends can walk 4 miles. If you would like something less challenging you can walk as far as you can and turn back. For example, you can walk the trail 1 miles and turn back for a total of 2 miles when you are done. We are encouraging everyone to try and walk at least 1 mile to earn recognition for your efforts. 

The event is FREE and open to everyone. We have games and surprises for the family to participate in. There will be park staff and naturalists around to answer your questions about the trail and the parks we will be walking. The trail will touch briefly on the famous East Coast Greenway, a 3,000 mile multi-purpose trail that follows the entire U.S. east coast from the tip of Maine to the bottom of the Florida Keys. The trail often makes use of existing trails and just happens to cross Union County through our beautiful parks. Learn more about this pedestrian highway.

The event begins at the Gazebo in Echo Lake Park with a rolling start 10:30. Kids get a certificate of accomplishment, a medal and gifts. You and the family can participate in activities. The event is expected to end by 1:30 p.m. NOTE: This is not a race. We hope you will be encouraged to walk with your family at a comfortable pace, enjoy the experience and learn more about trails and walking along the way.

Sponsors are welcome to participate in a number of ways. Contact Yohana Osorio at 973-885-3146.

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Ryder Klein - DJ

Have the Whole Family Join In

on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 16:42

Everyone is invited. Tell your friends and family to join us as we experience the joy of walking the beautiful parks together.